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Tournaments & Events

Scramble Caddy was designed with Scramble tournaments in mind and can be used to pick up golf balls, while seated in a golf cart, either stopped, or on the move.

Scramble Caddy is Unique  It's the only one of its kind that allows for the surefire retrieval from fairways, rough and hazards both wet and dry alike.

Scramble Caddy is Practical  It speeds up play! Your tournament finishes on schedule and that makes everyone happy.

Scramble Caddy is Economical  It's the ideal gift item for golfer "goody bags" and tee packages, or use as a premium to encourage mulligan purchases.

Scramble Caddy is Fun  Pop it up through the bottom or scoop it up "polo-style" while driving down the fairway.

Scramble Caddy is Light  In fact, it's the lightest retriever on the market, weighing in at under 4 oz.  Its 32" length is ideal for reaching the ball while seated.  It has a comfortable foam grip and stores easily in your golf bag.

Scramble Caddy is Safe  No dangling over the side to pick up a ball...and it’s great for seniors and for those golfers who may have trouble bending down to pick up the ball.

Scramble Caddy is Perfect...for sponsorship and marketing opportunities. We offer full color digital printing and beautiful glossy weatherproof labels ready to be imprinted with your logo or design.